Winter hair We’re almost past the second Arctic Blast of the season! Its 8-degrees outside the door as I write this post!  Beyond Brrrrrrrr!

This subject came up in the salon recently – how do you protect your hair from the extreme cold, wind and dryness of winter? 

I know which products I’d recommend – anything with Argan oil!! But I really wanted to share some of the reasons behind why this weather is so hard on the locks and how to fix it.

The first of two videos on WebMD, an award-winning physician-researched website, provides a great overview of what damages your hair and how to save it.  It’s followed by a short video with tips for maintaining luxurious hair.

Some great tips shared in video #1:

  • Brush dry hair before shampooing to remove dust and distribute oils through the hair.
  • Brush wet hair with a COMB.*
  • Reduce the number of times you shampoo per week or use dry shampoo.
  • Use SHAMPOO without Laurel Sulphates.
  • CONDITION with products containing essential fatty acids, ie. almond, coconut, argan oils.
  • Rinse with COOL water and gently towel dry hair by patting, not rubbing!
  • Apply a LEAVE-IN conditioner.
  • BLOW-DRY back & forth to protect hair from over-heating.
  • FINISH with nourishing hair oil to replace and trap moisture.

*At Statements in Hair we use and sell a great, super light-weight WET BRUSH that untangles hair without stretching and breaking it.

We also carry two product lines with Argan oil from Morocco – Moroccan Oil and Redken’s Diamond Oil.

Our Winter Hair Triage Services include:

  • a Deep Conditioning Treatment to restore moisture and protein to the hair at the cuticle
  • a Massage Treatment to stimulate your scalp combined with deep conditioning
  • a Global Keratin “taming and smoothing” treatment
    •  Read more in a recent blog, “The Straight Scoop on GK.”  

So, stay warm, stay healthy and protect your crowning glory by following the great advice from WebMD and your friends at Statements in Hair!


Pam Brooks